How AI Can Help Deliver a World-Class Customer Experience

From artificial intelligence (AI) tools to workforce engagement management (WEM) applications, technology investments can help organizations deliver a world-class customer experience (CX).

“Only 10 percent of companies in our recent study of 724 global organizations had no plans to improve CX,” said, Robin Gareiss, CEO and principal analyst, Metrigy, at an Enterprise Digital Connect session, “Achieving World-Class CX With Your Contact Center Technology and Agent Workforce.” She added that a better CX is a key driver for business success, and advanced applications can support agents as well, providing an improved employee experience (EX).

For example, AI-powered agent-assist applications can deliver important benefits. “Screen pops can advise agents about what to say, how to sell or solve a customer’s problem,” said Gareiss. “About 43 percent of companies in our survey said these applications let agents resolve issues more quickly. They can also tell agents to slow down if they are moving too quickly through a call, such as neglecting to read a regulatory statement.”

AI tools can also help customers with their self-service needs, Gareiss added. If you haven’t updated your knowledge base recently, you should take a fresh look at your content and analyze how customers are using this service.

Other advanced AI strategies include deploying chatbots to triage customer intent before referring to an agent and analytic tools that correlate business results with agent performance.

“Being able to match outcomes with agents can help you drive financial success, as well as continuously improve agent performance.”

While many organizations are moving to cloud-based contact centers, Gareiss said some large companies have decided to keep them on site or even return to an on-prem platform. The reasons include greater security, better ability to customize apps, and a desire to retain control of the customer and agent experiences, she said.

Moving to the cloud

On the other hand, AI applications combined with a cloud-based platform can help organizations improve their CX and EX, according to Mark Vogel, senior content product manager, RingCentral. “Customers demand 24/7 service using channels that are most convenient for them,” he said at another Enterprise Digital Connect session on “The AI Enabled Contact Center.”

Vogel added that customers want to interact with a business as easily as connecting with a friend.  “They want you to respect their time, while providing a personalized, effortless experience,” said. They might start with self-service and interact with an AI-enabled virtual agent before talking with a live agent.

“This approach can drive first-contact resolution and generate a financial ROI for your business,” Vogel added.  “In other words, you should consider how to leverage AI to engage with customers earlier in the journey.”

Agent training and support

As AI tools are increasingly integrated into CX applications, both Gareiss and Vogel emphasized the importance of training for agents working from home or an on-prem contact center. “The hybrid workforce is here to stay, so don’t plan for an all-or-nothing approach,” Gareiss said.  “In any case, agents need to know how to use these new tools to deliver results.”

Vogel added that an AI-driven workforce engagement management (WEM) with flexible schedule tools can help reduce agent turnover while improving performance and satisfaction. “Like agent-assist tools, WEM applications can empower your employees to deliver an excellent customer experience,” he said. “That’s an important step toward achieving a unified view across stakeholders.”

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