Avaya Highlights Renewed Momentum in Annual Report

“Avaya is back.” That’s the key message from the company’s new Annual Report to Customers. From renewed financial strength to innovative services to competitive “wins” around the globe, the report highlights Avaya’s leadership in the enterprise customer experience (CX) sector.

“The proof of Avaya’s momentum is in our progress ─ the strategic and operational changes over the last year have enabled us to better serve our customers and created renewed financial strength for our company,” said Alan Masarek, CEO, Avaya. “When I started at Avaya, I committed to new levels of transparency, and this report makes good on that promise, so I hope customers will explore it, discover our shared successes, and reach out to learn more.”  

Avaya’s annual report focuses on demonstrating the value Avaya is bringing to customers, through a strategic focus on CX  innovation and solutions, accomplishments in sustainability and diversity, industry recognition, and the new financial strength of the company. Highlights include: 

• Customer experience as the “North Star.”  Customer service and experience are at the core of Avaya, said the report. As the market increasingly shifts to a “CX economy,” customers count on Avaya and its broad partner ecosystem for the contact center and communications technology that make customer interactions not only work but work better. 

• Innovation without disruption.  The company remains committed to innovation, increasing on-time delivery of product milestones to more than 90 percent — up more than 2X, and above industry average. Avaya is in the unique position to help customers choose their journey and pace to adding new AI-powered capabilities and value, giving them the freedom to innovate without disruption, leveraging their existing infrastructure investments. Customers across industries and geographies continue to trust and rely on Avaya to deliver unmatched customer experiences. 

• Expert-led digital transformation services. To help customers accelerate their digital transformation projects in this environment of rapid advancements, Avaya offers reimagined professional services through the Avaya Customer Experience Services (ACES) team. The company’s experts can help organizations seamlessly integrate new AI and cloud technologies to drive exponentially better business outcomes. 

• Sustainability and diversity.  Avaya joins more than 3,400 companies worldwide who are setting emissions reduction targets grounded in climate science through the Science Based Targets initiative. Providing a platform and safe environment for employees to learn and grow together is vital to Avaya’s Inclusion principle. The company also launched Avaya United, the official shared voice for Avaya’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiatives.

• Strong financials. The company’s approximately $830 million debt is 75 percent lower than pre-recapitalization with an extension of a term loan maturity to 2028. Avaya also has more than $600 million in cash and cash equivalents, as well as a $128 million revolving credit facility.

• Global reach. Avaya supports federal and national governments in 97 countries, more than 3,500 educational institutions, 8,000-plus healthcare organizations, and all the world’s top airlines, banks and automotive companies.

• A growing team. Avaya is investing for the future with the hiring of more than 200 additional engineering personnel in fiscal year 2023. Working from newly established product and engineering centers of excellence  around the world, Avaya has more than 1,200 people who work hard every day to deliver innovation for customers.

As Masarek said in the report, “Avaya is executing every day to take full advantage of the hard work done over the last year to transform our operations, business strategy, culture, and balance sheet, which is now a genuine competitive advantage.”

To download the report: https://www.avaya.com/static/avaya/avaya-annual-report/

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