Avaya Delivers Product Roadmaps for 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) noise removal, auto-answer E911 calls and Microsoft Teams integration are just three of the nearly 300 enhancements Avaya has planned for the fourth quarter and in 2023 for its software, devices and platforms.

“We are showcasing our product roadmaps, which give you the ability to innovate without disruption,” said Avaya’s Steve Forcum, director and chief evangelist, marketing, at an IAUG Wired presentation on “Avaya Classic Solutions and Customer Experience Roadmap

“Avaya Aura, Contact Center Elite and Office are dependable, rock-solid solutions,” Forcum said. “You can keep your core services in your data center, upgrade to the latest release and tap into our roadmap. Or if you want to get rid of your infrastructure, we can take Aura, Elite or Office and migrate to the Microsoft Azure cloud, freeing up your staff so your team can work on more strategic applications.”

New product names

Simplicity is a key theme for Avaya going forward, added Forcum, noting that several products have recently been renamed:

• Avaya OneCloudTM CCaaS is now Avaya Experience PlatformTM

• Avaya OneCloudTM CPaaS is now Communications APIs

• Avaya OneCloudTM Private is now Avaya Enterprise CloudTM

• Avaya OneCloudTM Private for Government is now Avaya Government CloudTM

A look at the coming year

At the IAUG Wired session, Forcum led a conversation with Kirk Jones, director product management UC applications, and Jason Bridge, senior director, advanced solutions, which provided attendees with a clear look at the following Avaya roadmaps with an advisory that dates are subject to change:

• Avaya Core Software

Avaya Devices and Gateways

Avaya Experience Platform

CX Integrations

• Cloud Office

• Avaya Enterprise Cloud

Avaya Professional Services

Commenting on the Avaya Experience Platform, Bridge said, “This is where all paths lead for those customers taking the cloud journey with us. It’s also where our CX integrations are going, delivering additional support for consumers.” New features include more recording capabilities, real-time speech transcription and additional CX features.

As for the cloud roadmaps, Bridge said Avaya’s goal is to de-risk the migration. “We are bringing in plenty of innovations, and giving you lots of choices with nothing being forced,” he said. “In other words, we are giving you a toolset for maximum efficiency.”

In general, Avaya is looking at new features such as noise removal as horizontal services rather than vertical offerings, Jones said. “We are also doing cool things around Spaces, such as enabling multitasking inside a meeting and adding waiting rooms.”

Avaya is also putting more APIs around the edge of the network, supporting more third-party integrations and custom applications, Jones said “Our API strategy includes services for all deployment models.”

Bridge added that Avaya Professional Services is designed to help organizations move forward at their own pace. “We know that no two contact centers are alike,” he said.

Summing up the session, Forcum said, “Whether you are on prem or in the cloud, Avaya can deliver innovation over the top.  And if you want a personalized roadmap, just reach out to your account team or Avaya business partner.”

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