3 Great Reasons to Attend Avaya ENGAGE!

I hope you’re planning to attend Avaya ENGAGE 2021 on December 12-15 in Orlando, Florida. If you’ve been to any of our previous conferences, you know the incredible value of learning about the world-class solutions from Avaya and its business and development partners, and being able to connect with other Avaya professionals from around the world.

But if you’re still undecided, here are three great reasons to attend Avaya ENGAGE in Orlando.

1. Networking.  Imagine hundreds of people doing the same exact thing you do in the same room!  Many of us are the only UC or telecom engineers in the organization, but almost everyone at Avaya ENGAGE is working on the same systems and issue. For me, that’s the number one reason for coming to our conference.  

After all, you never know when a solution to something you’ve been working on might pop up.  It could be a conversation at the lunch table, it could be over drinks at the closing party or even in the expo hall.  The relationships I’ve built over the  years attending ENGAGE have been invaluable to my career success.  As technology evolves, it’s so nice to hear what other companies are doing and help me gauge if I’m moving at the right pace of change.

2. Education. There are great learning opportunities every day at ENGAGE. That begins with the optional pre-conference sessions to build your professional skills. The education continues with the general sessions, the Solutions Expo and a full calendar of breakout workshops.  With multiple sessions every day, there will be lots and lots of content to absorb.  

My favorite breakout sessions are those put on by Avaya customers.  Hearing about someone else’s real-world experience with an upgrade, moving to SIP or installing remote worker support can help cut time off my processes. That’s a great benefit to my organization! I’m also looking forward to the three Women in Tech panel discussions, each day of the conference.

3. The social events.  Avaya ENGAGE isn’t all about work. It’s also a time to relax and enjoy spending time with your friends and colleagues in the IT sector. For me, the evening social events are always a great time.

I love being able to celebrate over food, drinks and music with my friends from IAUG, Avaya and its partners that I have met throughout the years. And of course the social events provide great opportunities to make new friends and keep building your personal and professional network.

I encourage you to register today for this wonderful conference. Hope to see you soon! 

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