Diving into Avaya OneCloud™ CCaaS

What if you could empower customers to interact effortlessly across touchpoints, fully engage employees, maximize limited resources, and gain the speed and agility to succeed in a competitive world? That is the vision driving Avaya OneCloud™ CCaaS (contact center as a service).

Two Avaya executives outlined the scope of Avaya’s flexible, multicloud CCaaS offering in an October 14 virtual session for IAUG’s council and committee chairs.  They also responded to questions from members about migration paths and integrations with on-premises systems.

“Avaya OneCloud ™ CCaaS makes it easier to service the ‘everything customer’ whose preferences range from full- to self-service and everything in between,” said Paul Lang, head of contact center solutions marketing, Avaya. “It’s our multicloud application system, with partners Amazon, Google and Microsoft, as well as the future customer experience center and digital workplace.”

For enterprises, the benefits of Avaya’s CCaaS offering include:

• Getting connected – voice and digital channels, self-service, advanced routing

• Process orchestration – agent desktop and CRM integrations

• Managing resources – agent recruitment, onboarding, evaluation, quality improvement

• Knowledge and insights – speech and text analytics, customer feedback, AI assistance

“Another benefit is that Avaya OneCloud CCaaS helps IT professionals maximize limited resources while being recognized as a strategic business partner,” said Mike Butts, senior product marketing manager. “It also addresses concerns with security and data privacy, while managing costs.”

Creating an integrated experience

Along with improving the customer experience (CX), Avaya’s CCaaS solution is designed to support agents and deliver an engaging employee experience (EX), according to Lang. “We know that value of a great EX translates directly to a better CX,” he said. “The lines between the two are already blurring and we expect that to continue in the future.”

With Avaya CCaaS, agents and supervisors can focus on providing guidance, advice and support.  “AI applications can complement and supplement their activities, while the relationship manager becomes the problem solver,” Lang said. That EX-CX integration is particularly important when serving today’s consumers who want to connect by their chosen method, which can change from voice to text to email to mobile app during the course of the day.

For instance, a customer journey might begin on the website to research products, including a webchat interaction for simple questions. After a purchase, the customer might call the company, and be directed to the right agent by a skills-based routing application.

“All contact center services need to be fully featured to meet the expectations of those consumers,” Lang said. “Yet contact centers also have to be prepared for consumers who want to be left alone and take advantage of effortless self-service tools.”

Addressing the challenges

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS helps IT professionals address a number of their current challenges, according to Butts.  Those issues include delivering a satisfying CX to improve customer acquisition and retention.

Managers and supervisors also need effective performance management, as well as scheduling and predicting workforce requirements to avoid long customer wait times and other problems.  During a call, Avaya Conversational Intelligence can monitor customer sentiment and intent, and after a call the interaction can be transcribed automatically, reducing the agent’s post-call workload. Meanwhile, the customer can be sent a survey right away to get immediate feedback.

“We have many tools to maximize agent performance and productivity,” said Butts. “At every step of customer journey, Avaya CCaaS can deliver results.”

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