A Timely Change in Our Publications

Today, information needs to flow fast than ever. That’s true for IAUG’s publications, as well as the rest of the technology world. We know our readers want news and feature articles that are both timely and relevant to their organizations.

With the New Year, we will be launching a new series of weekly blogs, IAUG Insider, that addresses issues facing our members. While the focus will be on Avaya’s technology, we will also cover trends in the business and consumer markets that may impact our members, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and team collaboration solutions.

Some blogs will be researched and written by our publications staff, while IAUG’s partners and sponsors will contribute others. We also plan to include insightful articles from our councils, committees and chapter leaders and members, such as case studies.

Speaking of insights, we have decided to discontinue our quarterly online publication in order to focus our communication resources on the weekly blogs. This will allow us to provide you with timely “bite-size” articles, rather than waiting three months for the next quarterly. In addition, we will continue to publish our monthly IAUG News Briefs with the latest information on IAUG, Avaya and our partners.

To kick things off, our IAUG Insider blogs in January will focus on the ongoing evolution of enterprise communications, and steps to consider in bringing innovative solutions to your organization. We will also highlight top sessions and solutions from Avaya ENGAGE 2019 in our post-conference blogs.  

Regardless of publication format, our goal is to provide you with “must read” and “want to read” articles that can make a difference to your organization and help you succeed in your career. When it’s time to make technology investments, we want you to be well informed and take advantage of our great peer-to-peer resources. 

As we move into the New Year, I invite you to contact me at Jayne.Hogle@heart.org with your suggestions and ideas for future blog topics. Let’s make 2019 a great year for everyone!