What is the Modern LAN, and How is it Helping Organizations Modernize to Avaya IP?

Avaya IP solutions provide organizations with better voice quality, communication efficiency, and mobility – to name a few. Bottom line, an Avaya IP voice solution allows the modern workforce to facilitate more effective interactions in today’s fast-paced business environment; whether they’re at the office, traveling or working from home. However, many organizations struggle with establishing the necessary physical infrastructure to support these intelligent systems.

Why are these organizations struggling? Because many consultants, network architects, and system integrators are using the same outdated approach that was first used to support PC devices. These key players in the modernization process are comfortable with what they know; the deep-rooted and outdated “traditional” approach. However, as more and more organizations modernize to IP communication and other IoT applications, the traditional approach is compromising the business with unnecessary risks, including:

  • High infrastructure costs, long deployment times and business disruption caused by the rip-and-replace mentality 
  • New IP endpoints add cyber-security risks to the core business network
  • Complex networks that are difficult for IT teams to manage

Can you relate to these challenges? If you answered yes, the Modern LAN may be the perfect solution for your organization. Albert Einstein believed that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It’s time to change the conversation and simplify your modernization to Avaya IP communication with Modern LAN principles.

Modernize to Avaya IP Without Destruction

Traditional LAN design would suggest consolidating voice onto the core business network, while ripping and replacing the existing voice infrastructure with new Ethernet cabling. This process is extremely high-risk, often resulting in high costs, significant business disruption and a complex network that IT teams struggle to manage. Modern LAN principles suggest that organizations leverage their existing infrastructure to maintain a physically separate network for voice, eliminating the costly, time-consuming and disruptive rip-and-replace process. Modern LAN design provides many additional business benefits.

Enhanced Cyber-Security

By leveraging existing infrastructure, organizations establish a physically separate network for IP voice, ensuring the cyber-security of the core business network. The point-to-point topology of the new IP voice network minimizes the number of potential access points for malicious activity.

Extended Reach Capabilities

New long reach PoE innovations designed to leverage any new or existing network infrastructure can also extend power and data up to 18 times farther than standard network switches; ensuring the organization can support new Avaya IP phones exactly where they are needed.

Environmental Stewardship

By avoiding the costly, time-consuming and disruptive rip-and-replace process, these new best-practices also significantly reduce the environmental impact of the digital transformation. Reuse and re-purpose existing and proven endpoint cabling to reduce project e-waste. As mentioned above, Modern LAN principles and new long-reach PoE innovations often eliminate the need for additional IDF closets to connect IP phones throughout the entire facility, further reducing equipment requirements and on-going energy consumption.

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