Transform–not just improve–customer service in your Avaya Contact Center!

According to 5,000 consumers surveyed by Forrester on our behalf, the biggest impediments to good customer service are lack of knowledge among agents, inconsistent answers, and unhelpful websites. Not surprisingly, contact center agents mirrored the same difficulties as their top hurdle to providing good customer service in a multinational survey that we conducted through SurveyMonkey.

Did you know that eGain complements Avaya call center infrastructure with award-winning AI, knowledge, and analytics capabilities? In fact, eGain was one of the founding members of Avaya’s A.I. Connect Initiative in 2018 and has been a long-time Avaya DevConnect partner. The AI knowledge solution can assist and guide agents during conversations with customers or provide responses directly to customers through self-service fronted by virtual assistance. In-band, conversational guidance can help all agents perform as well as the best agents – the holy grail of contact center performance! The analytics solution can help identify friction points in omnichannel customer journeys and provide operational insights into Avaya or even heterogeneous contact centers.

The proof is in the value pudding—here is a sampling of what eGain AI and knowledge has done for our clients:

  • A major telco achieved 37% improvement in FCR (First-Contact Resolution) and 30-point improvement in NPS (Net Promoter Score), while improving agent speed-to-competency by 50% across 10,000 agents and associates in 600 retail stores
  • A fast-growing SaaS company achieved 35% improvement in finding the right answer and 62% improvement in consistency of answers, and 67% improvement in speed-to-answer
  • A global bank went from #3 to #1 in NPS, while cutting agent training time by 50% and expanding to 11 countries

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