Taking a Fresh Look at Speech Analytics for Today’s Challenges

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Have you taken a fresh look at speech analytics lately? While we all know it is not a new solution, it is receiving renewed interest as the Voice of the Customer becomes a key differentiator in the customer experience.

The customer experience is how organizations stay in the game—or become a player of the past. Nothing is a given anymore, and today’s customers are more demanding than ever. They are comparing you to their social media platforms and applications, for example, whom they buy their music from, and a host of others.

Few things tell you more about your business and market than the actual voice of your customers. What could be a better business guide than that?

That’s a lot of pressure, to be sure. But there’s good news. Few things tell you more about your business and market than the actual voice of your customers. What could be a better business guide than that? Speech Analytics provides advanced technology that can automatically surface intelligence from thousands—even millions—of recorded calls, so you can take action quickly.

This next-generation analytics solution can reveal the insights you can count on for determining cost drivers, trends, and opportunities; identifying strengths and opportunity areas with processes and products; and understanding how the market perceives your offerings.

You can find out what you need to do more of—and what you may want to do less.

Consider these advantages:

Monitor and Improve Customer Experience: Mine customer interactions to optimize customer engagement and omnichannel service strategies by uncovering service process opportunities, points of failure, and technology barriers.

Turn Big Data into Actionable Intelligence: Sophisticated conversational analytics automatically extracts actionable customer insights from unstructured data, helping to reveal rising trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

Reduce Risks of Non-Compliance: Monitor every call for internal and external violations by detecting anomalies, such as missed or improper identity verification or disclosure failures.

Improve Agent Performance: Zero-in on the calls that most affect your business. Identify best practices, training requirements, and potentially stop a bad customer service call from going viral.

Increase Sales Effectiveness: Identify agent best practices by studying customer conversations that lead to successful sales, including scripts, close language, upsell/cross-sell interactions, and objection handling.

Improve Operations: Reduce incoming calls, cut unnecessary callbacks, and offload calls to self-service web sites and the IVR by deeply understanding why customers call your contact center.

Transform Your Contact Center into a Critical Strategic Asset: Share customer insights with your marketing, product, back office, and executive teams to enable your organization to make better decisions on marketing campaigns, product development, support processes, business strategy and more. Don’t miss out on the critical insights of speech analytics—chances are your competition is using speech to their advantage. Put it to work for you too

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