NVT Phybridge Delivering on the Avaya Promise

Modern LAN Principles Provide a Simplified Modernization Path to Avaya IP

Editor’s Note: This blog has been sponsored and written by NVT Phybridge. Visit them at www.nvtphybridge.com for more information.

Your existing analog/digital communication system has served you well. However, Avaya IP solutions provide organizations with greater flexibility, reliability, and mobility while delivering customization options to fit your exact business needs. If infrastructure barriers have held you back from achieving superior communications, NVT Phybridge is here to get you across the finish line!

In our previous blog, we discussed the Modern LAN principles and how they are helping organizations modernize to Avaya IP. By leveraging these game-changing principles (developed by Frost & Sullivan) and NVT Phybridge Power over Long Reach Ethernet (PoLRE®) technology, organizations are avoiding costly and disruptive rip-and-replace requirements as they modernize to Avaya IP. As an Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner, we are excited to help deliver on the Avaya promise.

Bring Innovative Technologies and Solutions to the Customer

Deploying an IP communication solution presents unique challenges for each industry. Some organizations can’t justify the high costs and long deployment times to overhaul their physical infrastructure. Some organizations are unable to tolerate business disruption, as they must maintain a 24-hour operational up-time. Some organizations don’t have the physical space required to support additional networking equipment to extend connectivity to all areas.

To address these challenges, Avaya has partnered with NVT Phybridge to provide organizations with real solutions and real results through innovation. Our technology allows organizations to leverage their existing voice infrastructure to create a robust and secure PoE backbone for Avaya IP; eliminating rip-and-replace requirements and the challenges mentioned above. Our award-winning technology can extend PoE over new or existing infrastructure up to 6,000ft (1,830m) – that’s 18 times farther than standard PoE switches! The extended reach capability eliminates the need to install intermediate server closets or repeaters to support Avaya IP devices exactly where they are needed.

Take Collaboration and Productivity to the Next Level with IP Applications

When we examine the various elements of a digital transformation, return on investment can be difficult to determine. However, we do know that applications drive ROI, while physical infrastructure supports ROI. We help organizations simplify the infrastructure piece of the digital transformation puzzle. By leveraging the existing physical infrastructure and eliminating the extremely high costs to overhaul the network completely, more budget can be allocated to IP applications – significantly improving the return on investment. When considering all the potential requirements to rip-and-replace, the time and cost savings are substantial:

  • Material costs (cabling, construction materials and network equipment)
  • Labour costs
  • Time requirements and fees for permits
  • Loss of revenue caused by business disruption
  • Decreased workforce productivity during network overhaul
  • Allocate these cost savings to more IP applications

Gain Efficiency and Security with a Cloud-Based Solution

A cloud-based solution for unified communications provides today’s organizations with incredible flexibility; enabling the workforce to connect anywhere and anytime across the globe. This solution is also attractive because you only pay for what you need and only when you need it, as the service is easily scaled up or down based on your evolving business needs.

A cloud-based solution also means your cyber-security measures are always up to date and being taken care of by the provider. However, it’s not enough to only secure data where it resides. Today, more than ever, organizations need to implement an end-to-end security solution to protect company and consumer data.

NVT Phybridge technology brings the cloud back down to Earth; bridging the gap between you and your applications. Organizations can leverage their existing point-to-point voice infrastructure to create a physically separate network for Avaya IP, ensuring the security, reliability, and performance of the core business network. In addition, the elimination of intermediate equipment to extend connectivity means a less complex network for IT teams to manage, and fewer access points to keep secure from unwanted network access.

NVT Phybridge is Showcasing the Modern LAN at Avaya Engage 2019

It’s time to change the conversation to improve your outcome with Modern LAN principles. Want to learn more about how Modern LAN principles and NVT Phybridge technology can help you modernize to Avaya IP? Visit us at Avaya Engage in booth #332 to learn how we can help you achieve a simple, secure and cost-effective upgrade to IP. We will also be presenting Avaya/NVT Phybridge customer success stories as part of the “Customer Connections” speaking session, in the Avaya Engage Experience Theatre, on January 22nd from 12:15 am to 12:35 pm. We hope to see you there!