How Unimax has been Helping Avaya Customers

For over thirty years, Unimax has been helping organizations manage their current and past Avaya voice systems. Our Avaya history dates back to systems such as Octel Voicemail, legacy Nortel voice systems, Modular Messaging, Audix Intuity and more. This history is both long and symbiotic.

Today, Unimax is managing around 10 million end points on systems all over the world and is a IAUG Five Star Partner and an Avaya Engage Gold Sponsor. At one point, Avaya white labeled software from Unimax and packaged it with their hardware upon delivery as the primary tool for system management.

Organizations save time and expense by using Unimax applications with various roles such as telecom engineers, help desk agents, and even end-users to create, modify, and delete such things as users, phones, voice mailboxes, contact center agents, and many more. But, the most exciting areas where Unimax adds value to organizations is in and around the concept of Automation.

Automation comes in many flavors and levels. One form of automation is removing steps from a multistep process to complete it more quickly with less cost. Another is pushing tools closer to the end users in order to take people, and therefore cost, out of the support chain, while giving telecom and IT staff time back for other work.

But the Automation of today is boundless and far more beneficial. Many organizations that Unimax helps have built-in workforce automation which allows them to construct business workflows with complex data and triggers to automatically complete tasks in a ‘lights out’ manner. When new employees are hired, automation can provision many assets such as a phone number, a physical phone, a desktop phone, a collaboration tool, a voice mailbox, an agent ID to an employee based on business rules such as where they office or reside, their role, etc. based on data from an identity source like Microsoft Active Directory. Conversely, when an employee leaves the organization, such assets are deleted or quarantined (like voice mailboxes) saving the organization from excessive maintenance or license fees.

Additionally, Unimax works alongside ITSM tools like ServiceNow so that the ITSM tool can be used by IT staff or even end users to trigger everything from changing a voicemail password, adding a speed dial, adding a simultaneous ring, and even provision an asset.

One of our premier customers, a worldwide bank, has successfully reached the lofty goal of automating 75% of voice communication MACDs! Of course, by doing so, the bank has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, employees have become more satisfied with telecom and IT services, and previously overburdened engineers are now able to focus time on other projects and initiatives.

For more information about adding automation or any of Unimax’s management tools to your Avaya telecom and UC platforms, please visit or email us at

IAUG offers Avaya support, education, and community. Interested in contributing to a blog? Learn more here.
IAUG offers Avaya support, education, and community. Interested in contributing to a blog? Learn more here.

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