How INEMSOFT Provides Mission-Critical Middleware for Clients

INEMSOFT is an Avaya Technology and Select Product Program Partner, providing customers with mission-critical, high availability, software-based radio-telephony middleware and client applications linking telephones, cellular devices, and two-way radios together on a single voice network. Our solutions easily scale to support even the largest land mobile radio deployments. With an installed base that includes railroads, airlines, financial services, education, healthcare, Federal, State, and Local Governments and public safety we help you respond by communicating with the right people, right away.

Integrate your LMR Radios with your Avaya Aura or IP Office systems. The ClassOne system links radio and enterprise voice systems, including unified communications and call centers. The ClassOne Dispatch console combines the Radio and Telephony networks into a single, ACD based console.

The ClassOne SIP Radio Gateway allows the radio network to speak directly to others whether they on using a radio, desk phone, or cell phone.

Migrating can be frustrating and time consuming for technicians, requiring weekends and nights. Without advanced tools, updating 46xx files can be a technician’s nightmare.

Manage your devices with OnCents. OnCents simplifies the process of migrating to Avaya’s SIP-based solutions – a time-consuming process that requires intensive planning and coordination, followed by a very challenging implementation.

Migrating can be frustrating and time consuming for technicians, requiring weekends and nights. Without advanced tools, updating 46xx files can be a technician’s nightmare. A large migration requires a small army of resources with all hands-on deck. The complexity requires coordination with enterprise IT teams and the lines of business. This results in a costly process that is a major impediment to migrating from H.323 to SIP.

And then there is the resulting chaos when you need to reset a network region blindly? Without visibility, how do you confirm that all devices have properly registered? Devices that do not register need to be located for manual intervention. Think of sending a technician to building (3) floor (6) cubical (121-A), just to reset or login to one phone.

Now consider what happens if you have a global or multi-city presence, using many nodes and thousands of devices?

The OnCents Cloud Service by INEMSOFT eliminates the complexity and reduces the cost of upgrades and time for migrations. OnCents reduces your cost and frees up time that could be better spent expanding your business. OnCents allows for instant provisioning and activation of all new Avaya devices.

For example, if you must manage (5,000) devices and need to switch between multiple data centers for maintenance. You can expect to spend a full weekend with (10%) of the phones going astray. It may take technicians in every location to manually find and reprogram stray phones. With OnCents, the same process takes less than one hour, and 0% of phones go astray. Administrators complete the process without the need for any technician to be involved.

We can help you accelerate the process and reduce the cost of onboarding, maintaining, and migrating endpoints. We want to help you on-board and migrate from as few as 100 to as many as over a million phones, regardless if they are in one location or hundreds of locations. Saving you time and money is our number one goal.

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