An Objective Cloud Journey

So much has been written about the advantages of cloud operating models: outsourcing of IT complexities, reduced time to market for new business applications and the ability to remain current with the latest technology updates, I will not spend any time covering this subject, it has been well documented.

However, it’s important to note that not every business has the same transformation journey, nor do they want to. Many organizations have specific business outcomes they want to achieve, in addition to taking into consideration: recent capital investments, current, and future staffing, and the financial models of CapEx vs. OpEx.

Cloud Journey

One of the most fundamental questions that need to be answered is: What do you want to achieve with a cloud platform? Today, many companies are looking at functionality over costs because having the right functionality and desired business outcomes brings in profits. However, securing the right functionality can be achieved in several deployment models:

Ultimately, the deployment model you select matters less than your ability to achieve your desired outcomes. More attention needs to be focused on your ultimate UC or CC solution, software and business processes.

  • On-premise Upgrade – leverage existing infrastructure to satisfy new functionality
  • Managed Services – engage your vendor to manage the infrastructure, upgrades & expansions
  • Hybrid Cloud – leverage your existing infrastructure & add new applications from the cloud
  • Public Cloud – shared infrastructure with limited customization
  • Private Cloud – virtual private cloud with dedicated software & unique customizations

The previous alternatives have described deployment models, which is certainly an important consideration, however satisfying your business outcomes with the right functionality is more important. Ultimately, the deployment model you select matters less than your ability to achieve your desired outcomes. More attention needs to be focused on your ultimate UC or CC solution, software and business processes. Selecting the solution that satisfies all your outcomes is more important than the deployment model.

Are you certain your future telecommunications operating environment satisfies all your business needs? Once that is clear, the consumption model can be addressed.

Cloud Transformation Workshop

Many cloud telecommunications providers are promoting their cloud models, however many of those solutions lack the functionality to achieve all your business outcomes. The correct application solution has been lost on the analysis of the cloud deployment model. Since many of these newer cloud providers have built their infrastructure from inception, they are promoting the cloud deployment model – not the business solution. Again, does the software that they provide satisfy all your business requirements?

If your organization faces such a decision, Avaya understands and has experience with these critical business and technology factors. We can help with a Cloud Transformation Workshop. Professional services that can guide you toward an appropriate strategy for communications ownership and delivery – one that meets your organization’s needs, fits your culture, and aligns with your business goals and strategies. Whether it be a hybrid approach within specific areas of the business or a complete transformation from premise to cloud, we have the skilled resources who can work with you to develop and implement the optimal solution. Avaya Professional Services can provide an objective strategy after conducting a Cloud Transformation Workshop since Avaya can offer any consumption model that fits your business requirements: On-Premise, Managed service, Hybrid, Public or Private Cloud. The workshops are executed by a team of consulting experts from Avaya Professional Services. Avaya Professional Services is a global organization of trained, career communications specialists who possess the technical and industry credentials to solve your advanced communications requirements in UC and CC environments.

Richard F. English is Managing Director – Avaya Professional Services. You can reach him at

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