Amplify the Value of Your Avaya Phone System With InGenius

When you look at how the millions of businesses around the world work, you learn that each one, as unique as they are, have 3 main components that need to run at optimum in order to be successful. Having the right people who can follow the correct processes with tools designed to make their work efficient.

These become even more important when working with external partners brought in to implement tools to help achieve success. At Upland, we are proud to be successful partners with organizations who have chosen InGenius to be the computer telephony integration (CTI) solution that connects their Avaya phone system to their CRM.

By connecting your Avaya phone system to your CRM using InGenius, your employees can:

  • Better anticipate caller needs before a call is even connected with screen pops
  • Accurately log call drivers and call outcomes for more insightful reporting
  • Rapidly place outbound calls with click-to-dial

Focus on the conversation instead of juggling multiple applications and taking notes

At InGenius, we take people, processes and tools seriously too, working with customers to create the right fit for their customer service or sales team needs. At the very beginning of the customer journey, our team of experts who have deployed to other Avaya customers capture your requirements and show you the benefits InGenius can bring, including lower call handling times, increased call capacity, and more intuitive conversations.

The implementation process is geared to get you set up and running by your target date even when custom workflows need to be set up and once live, the support and services team help you keep on track post deployment with technical assistance, as well as regular check ins with a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Each step of the process is an opportunity to strengthen our partnership, we see our success in helping you become more successful.

Key to any successful deployment is relationships. We have extensive experience working with systems integrators across different products, mastering how to configure our products collectively to deliver a tool set that is tailor made for your needs. As a 5-star user rated app on major CRM app stores like Salesforce AppExchange, Avaya customers can be confident that we are the right choice to connect your telephony with your CRM to provide a seamless experience for your agents.

Here’s what one of our Avaya customers has to say:

‘Do you remember in middle school when we had to do assigned group projects? The dread and fear of getting paired with the kid who never does anything and doesn’t care; all while wishing and hoping to get paired with the smartest kid in class so you know you will get a good grade while learning the material at the same time. Then the teacher surprises you and pairs you with your best friend and you are filled with pure exhilaration. Working with Upland is like that if your best friend was also the smart kid in class’.  

Mark Zamora, Customer Care Operations, Isagenix

If you want to know more about how InGenius can turbocharge your agent productivity and amplify the value of your Avaya investment, check out this short video!

Ready to see how InGenius can bring your Avaya phone system to life inside of your CRM? Request a 1:1 demo with one of our experts today!

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